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Google Forms have been extremely popular amongst schools and school leaders.  Using Google Forms to do walkthroughs has been my practice for several years.  One of my first posts on this site was a tutorial on how to use Forms to collect walkthrough data as well as to provide emailed feedback to teachers.   Last year, I switched the Add-on that I use to merge the data and send the email to the teacher.  I now use autoCrat, a much more user friendly Add-on that will make your life easier.

Below, you will find directions and links that will allow you to copy my walkthrough form and set up a system that will collect school-wide data while providing timely feedback to your teachers.

You will need to be logged in with your Google Drive account.  Click the following links and make copies of each of the following items into your own Drive account. I recommend creating a “Walkthrough” folder to house these documents.

  1. Copy Google Form “LEADministration Walkthrough” by clicking here. Click make a copy.
  2. Copy LEADministartion Walkthrough Email template by clicking here. Click make a copy.
  3. Copy LEADministration Walkthrough Response sheet by clicking here. Click make a copy.

Once you have each of these docs saved to your Drive, you are ready to set up the email feature using the autoCrat add-on.


1. In the response spreadsheet. Open autoCrat Add-on. Allow autoCrat access to your Drive.


2. Click “New Job” and name the job.  I used the name “walkthrough”.


3. Choose template from drive. Use walkthrough email doc which was copied from link above.


4. Match tags which are marked with << >>.  This will pull data from spreadsheet of walkthrough and merge with other documents like your feedback email.


5. Name how the files will be saved in Drive. I like to use <<Teacher>> <<Timestamp>> which will save a record of the emailed document to a folder in your drive and name the document the teacher’s email address as well as a timestamp of when the form was completed.


6.  Set merge condition.  Add condition, then set Timestamp to Not Null.  This will trigger email to be sent once form is completed.


7. Set up email to be sent.  Use tag <<Teacher>> in “To” line of email.  This will populate with email address selected in Google Form. Remember you must use teachers’ email addresses in drop down of Google form.

Title the email.  Copy and paste all of text from “LEADministration Walkthrough Email” into body of email.  Not all data from the form is sent to teachers.  I like to keep some data for school-wide purposes which aren’t always useful to teachers.


8. Set triggers.  Select Yes on run on form trigger.  This will trigger email to be sent when you submit observation form.


9. Lastly, add all of your teachers’ email addresses under the Teacher drop down.

This will get you started on using this form to do walkthroughs and collect school-wide data as well as provide teachers with feedback.  If you modify the form to collect different information, you must also modify the email template, the <<tags>>, and the autoCrat job.

Good luck.



I have updated the Google Form that I use.  Click here for most recent post and version of this form. 

Using Google Forms for teacher observations is not something that I thought of.  Many schools are currently using Forms as a way to easily and quickly record data from teacher observations.  The advantage is of using a Google Form is that it compiles all the data into a spreadsheet which allows school leaders to quickly and easily see trends in the school’s classrooms.

School leaders need to examine why they use walk through observations.  I believe, that any good leader will tell you they are used to help teachers grow professionally.  If that is the case, we must provide timely, authentic, and pointed feedback.  The old school method of walking around with a clipboard, then filling out the form, making a copy of it, giving a copy to the teacher, filing the school copy away in a file (most likely to never be seen again) is definitely not the most effective method.  At the same time, collecting data into a spreadsheet for the school leaders to use, but not providing that data to teacher is equally ineffective.

This is where my Google observation form comes in.  This form has a built in script which will send your responses to the teacher for immediate feedback.  The form is completely editable, so that you can change it to accommodate your needs.  For example, if your school is focusing on using literacy in every classroom, you should add a question that records if that teacher was using reading strategies.

Click HERE for the spreadsheet (you will need to be logged in to a Google account).  Make a copy of the spreadsheet and rename it for your purposes.