I’ve survived my first two months as a school principal. To catch everyone up to speed, over the summer I applied for positions near Lexington, Kentucky. On July, 21 I interviewed for, and was offered the position of principal at Woodford County Middle School. Ten days later, my house and family were packed and moved to Versailles, KY. I started on August 1 (the students started on August 8).

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Being the principal is vastly different to being the assistant principal of a school. While many of the duties and functions are the same, there is a different pressure to being the principal. As an AP, I didn’t stress as much about making a decision, there was always someone above to let me know if I needed to do something differently. I’m lucky to have two excellent APs to work with and bounce ideas off of, but ultimately the weight of each decision is on my shoulders.

My schedule is usually filled before I have a chance to complete my daily objectives. Getting into classrooms and sitting down with teachers is a top priority, but if not scheduled, these tasks are easily overlooked.

Overall, it’s been an extremely busy and rewarding role.